OASIS - 'Wild-Cats' (Raffle Only)

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Clints - OASIS
Clint’s third-generation model, the Oasis, draws inspiration from organic architecture. Our innovative design approach combines a formless design structure, focusing on both comfort and functionality.featuring custom tooling underfoot and a complex panelling sat atop. Uppers are crafted out of multiple leather textures, be they tumbled panels, suedes, or elephant textures, carrying an earthy green look all in all. an array of bubbles resemble oasis puddles in the middle of a desert, with the ensemble carrying a comprehensive sprinkling of Clints branding

The 'Oasis' features:

•  Elephant Print Suede paneling
• Pony Fabric
• Clints Branding on the Midsole

• Orthopaedic insole

Fit: True to size

Colour: Brown/ Purple

Shipment: Between 2-3 Days (After raffle Complete)